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Direct Route to Gili Trawangan & Lombok Check in time Departure Arrive
Serangan, Bali > Gili Trawangan ( 1st boat )
Serangan, Bali > Gili Trawangan ( 2nd boat )
8:30 am
10.00 am
9:00 am
10.30 am
11:15 am
12.45  pm
Serangan, Bali > Gili Air/Lombok ( 1st boat )
Serangan, Bali > Gili Air/Lombok ( 2nd boat )
8:30 am
10.00 am
9:00 am
10.30 am
11:45 am
13.15 pm
Gili Air/Lombok > Serangan, Bali ( 1st boat )
Gili Air/Lombok > Serangan, Bali ( 2nd boat )
11:00 am
13.00 pm
11:45 am
13.30 pm
14:30 pm
15:45 pm
Gili Trawangan > Serangan, Bali ( 1st boat )
Gili Trawangan > Serangan, Bali ( 2nd boat )
11:00 am
12.45 pm
11.30 am
14:15 pm
15:45 pm


  • Our two Gili Getaway boats depart from Serangan harbor everyday at 9.00 am and at 10.30 am
  • Gili Trawangan Departure time is 11.30 am as well as 13.15 pm
  • Gili Air pick up time is 11.45 am and 13.30 pm from Gili Air harbour
  • Lombok Teluk Nara Harbor pick up is  12.00pm – 13.45 pm
  • Check in time is always 11.00 am for the first boat and 12.45pm for the second boat at our office in Gili Trawangan, in Ocean Dua restaurant. Located between Manta Dive and Sama Sama when leaving trawangan

We will always travel directly to Gili Trawangan from Serangan Harbor Bali. We will then stop in Gili Air or Lombok after we drop off Trawangan guests and then leave from Lombok and go directly to Serangan Bali.

No fast Boats can drop off or pick-up on Gili Meno!!

For an additional cost, we can arrange a chartered private boat from Gili Trawangan. This will cost 250,000rp for up to 4 people.

Regardless of whether there is 1 person or 4 people the cost will be 250,000rp as this is a charter and is per boat.

A cheaper alternative is the “Island Hopper” which is a public boat service. This will cost 25,000rp per person one way. Unfortunately this service leaves Trawangan at 9am and 4pm, so could mean a little bit of waiting around before departure to Gili Meno.

The staff in Bali or Trawangan, will be willing to help arrange this for you. Please let us know if Meno is your final destination when booking your transfer.