Our Vessels

Our Vessels

Gili Getaway at present has 4 custom built, Fibre Glass Deluxe fast boats servicing the beautiful Gili Islands.

Gili Getaway II & V are both 15m/45 foot custom built, fibreglass Deluxe Speed Boats designed to handle the conditions and unpredictable waters of the Lombok Straits and has upped the standard for the service to Lombok. They have been equipped with four 250hp, 4 stroke Suzuki outboard motors.

35 people can comfortably travel on our spacious sunbrella cushioned seats that are 1.3m/4ft wide. Small travel bags can be stowed under the seats. The boat is fitted with personal Wifi earphones to compliment the on-board TV’s showing movies during the trip. We also have a ‘state of the art’ GPS tracking system with monitor to show and log our route to and from Bali and allow the guests to see exactly where they are and how long is remaining of the journey.

The large bathroom consists of granite countertops, mirrors, full sized ‘electric’ flushing toilet and an open window so now visiting a bathroom on a fast boat is a pleasure rather than an inconvenience. It is fresh water throughout.

Although we cannot boast that we are the only boat that provides a Sun deck for those outdoor types, we can certainly boast the most comfortable sun baking deck. Personal back supports with padded cushions for comfort and safety as well as individual storage units inside the back rests for phones, Kindles, music devices and other personal belongings.

We also have an outside covered seating area at the stern of the boat for those that want the feeling of the wind through their hair without the heat from the sun, as this is a covered area that is protected from the sea and elements..

‘International safety standards and safety equipment’ all combine to provide a high speed, ‘Deluxe Class’ transfer to and from The Gili’s, Lombok and Bali in the safest manner possible.

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