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Welcome to Gili Getaway

The premier, daily fast boat service to Lombok and the Gili Islands.

Boasting four high powered 250hp engines, Our speed boats are able to transfer you to your island getaway quickly and comfortably. As a result of being at least 45 minutes faster than our closest competitor, we offer a reasonable hour of pick up to get you to Serangan harbour for your Gili Island speed boat transfer at a holiday friendly time.

We are happy to provide, comfortable seating and restaurant facilities on check in, clean air-conditioned cars, friendly knowledgeable drivers and sun baking roof access and complimentary Sun Block cream, so that you can enjoy the beautiful archipelago sun during your island getaway to the Gili’s.

We also supply chilled towels, refreshments on board, Sun Block cream, restaurant facilities on check in, clean air conditioned cars, friendly knowledgeable drivers and sun baking roof access so that you can enjoy the beautiful archipelago sun during your island getaway to the Gili’s.

At certain times of the year, Sea conditions can turn extremely bad and all fast boats can be cancelled by the authorities. Gili Getaway will FULLY REFUND ALL TICKETS that are effected by this situation. We will not attempt to offer alternative forms of transportation as the alternatives can and do come up short of Getaway guests expectations of reliability, thoroughness and professionalism. Flights are often fully booked and the “Very Slow Ferry” is not something we would recommend.

Also, during low season months, we may change schedules due to weather, occupancy and/or demand.

Our goal is to make your island transfer to the Gili’s and Lombok enjoyable and hassle free.

** As of the 1st of January, all boats must go via Lombok before returning to Bali for legal clearance purposes


The Bali or Gili Trawangan of yesteryear

Located on the south western coast of Lombok, Gede is the latest in line of beautiful islands offering a range of accommodation from luxury to value for money. Being a relatively new destination, the island offers a sense of serenity and beauty that is hard to come by.

Where you go for a range of experiences.

The most popular of the Gili Islands, Gili Trawangan offers a range of experiences for all tastes and budgets. Whether you want to soak in some rays and relax or spend your nights at the bar, there is something on offer for everyone at Gili Trawangan.

A Serene Escape

Smaller then its big brother, Gili Trawangan. Gili Air offers a more secluded, romantic experience that would suit those wanting to truly unwind. A much more relaxed pace then Gili Trawangan

Gateway to Lombok

Teluk Kodek is an access harbour for those wanting to visit Lombok. We also go there for clearance and is a necessary stop on our way back from the Gili's.

For the Adventurous

Penida neighbours Lembongan. A much bigger island, Penida offers many experiences for the adventurous. Not as developed as Lembongan.

We Include:

  • Insurance
  • Complimentary Drink
  • Sun Deck
  • TV with a huge movie selection